The Chemistry WISE team provides a networking resource for women graduate students and post-docs in the department, with the goal of increasing the recruitment and retention of women, and improving the climate for all chemists.

WISE, 2018

Ice Cream Social 2019

Making of liquid N2 ice cream to start the new school year!

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To learn more about WISE, support us and get involved, please email to wisechem@umn.edu.
If you want to send an email to the chemtechwomen email listserv, please email to chem-techwomen@lists.umn.edu.


Events and News

CANCELLED Cool Chemistry: April 18, 2020

Due to the uncertainty of the Covid-19 virus, Cool Chemistry 2020 is cancelled. While we are saddened to not offer this experience this year, we hope you will keep us in mind in Spring 2021 and sign up then!

Please contact us at wisechem@umn.edu for further information.


Our March CWC Lunch is currently postponed until further notice. Our speaker will be Hannah Bearinger, a Clinical Research Consultant at BRIGHT Research Partners.  An abstract for the talk is below. We hope to see you there!


Hannah Bearinger

Clinical Research Consultant, BRIGHT Research Partners

"My scientific journey started in undergrad where I pursued a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry with a Biology minor. Next up was a PhD in Materials Science where my research focused on understanding immune responses to various surface chemistries of polymers, the perfect combination of my interests from undergrad. When it came time to find a job after grad school, I had no idea what I wanted to do next. In a form of serendipity, I met the right people at the right time and found a great fit at the University of Minnesota. I completed a fellowship in Medical Device Innovation that opened a world of possibilities for me in the Medical Device Industry of the Twin Cities. My current position in Clinical Research is very different than anything else I have done before, but I know many of the skills I learned in graduate school have helped me to make this yet another seamless transition. In my talk, I plan to discuss what I have learned from each of my many transitions in hopes that it may simplify your scientific journey."

Our February CWC Lunch will be on Thursday, February 20th in Kolthoff 193 at noon. Our speaker will be Sarah Wegwerth, a Chemistry Content Specialist at Alchemie. Lunch will be provided. Please RSVP here by 5pm on Tuesday, February 18th, and include any dietary restrictions. An abstract for the talk is below. We hope to see you there!


Sarah Wegwerth (Wegs)

Content Specialist, Alchemie

"I started graduate school with the goal of becoming a professor at a PUI but over the years my dreams changed. In this talk I will be open about my experiences and what influenced my change in plans. In light of the theme of transitions, I will also share, based on my experiences, advice for navigating transitions. I have been through numerous transitions of my own, including becoming a mother while a graduate student, changing career aspirations, going from graduate student to care-giver, to part-time employee working remotely, and most recently from bench research to educational research. As I hope to impress upon you, your graduate school experience is incredibly valuable and the skills you learn are not limited to the bench. Finally, some (including myself) may say I was extremely lucky to get my current job but I will also share how we big have a role in making our own luck :)"


Funding for WISE events has been provided by grants received from the UMN Department of Chemistry, UMN Office of Equity and Diversity Women's Center and Beckman Coulter Foundation.