The Chemistry WISE team provides a networking resource for women graduate students and post-docs in the department, with the goal of increasing the recruitment and retention of women, and improving the climate for all chemists.

WISE, 2018

Sadie award

2015-2017 WISE TA, Sadie Otte, with her son Ash, receives her Sharon L. Doherty Student Leadership Award


Upcoming events

Mar 13th (Tuesday) / 12 - 1 pm / K 193
Lunch will be provided from Mesa Pizza. Please RSVP by clicking here before Mar 12th (Monday), 10 am and include any dietary preferences.

The Perks (and Flaws) of Tunnel Vision
Megan received her Ph.D. from the University of California-Irvine, pursuing research on organometallic
lanthanide and actinide chemistry in the group of Bill Evans. She is currently a postdoc in the Tolman group, working as part of the Center for Sustainable Polymers. She is preparing to start a faculty position at the University of Southern California in the fall. From the age of 16, Megan knew that she wanted to be a chemistry professor and has had tunnel vision ever since. She will discuss how this tunnel vision was useful to prepare for her dream career path early, but made her less open-minded to other career options in chemistry.

Mar 14th (Wednesday) / 1 - 3 pm / Walter 101

Come celebrate Pi Day with the other CSE graduate women this spring break!  Stop by for the whole time, or just a few minutes, either way, FREE PI(E) for all :D This is an opportunity to interact with graduate women from other departments in CSE. We will have some activities and games too. Please RSVP by clicking here before Mar 7th (Wednesday) and include any dietary preferences.

Mar 9th (Friday) / 12:15 - 1:05 pm / Walter 101

Erin Carlson will be the featured invitee for a Lunch/Networking Event for Graduate and Postdoctoral Women in the College of Science and Engineering. There should also be options available for those following vegetarian and/or gluten-free diets. Please RSVP by clicking here and include any dietary preferences.


Our first WISE event for 2018 was held on Jan 12th, 2018 to a huge success. Prof Lee Penn from our department led a microaggression workshop, teaching, encouraging and empowering all in the department to handle microaggression. If you are an attendee of the workshop and would like a copy of her slides, please email to wisechem@umn.edu.



Funding for WISE events has been provided by grants received from the UMN Department of Chemistry, UMN Office of Equity and Diversity Women's Center and Beckman Coulter Foundation.