The Chemistry WISE team provides a networking resource for women graduate students and post-docs in the department, with the goal of increasing the recruitment and retention of women, and improving the climate for all chemists.

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Annie Luke and Amy Ott receive awards!!!

September 22, 2017
Annie Luke and Amy Ott
For all their excellent work done in 2016/2017, WISE members Annie Luke and Amy Ott have been recognised by the department at the start of the semester. Congratulations to both :) Annie Luke, 3rd year student in Prof. Bill Tolman's group, has been awarded the the Outstanding Teaching Assistant award (Organic). Amy Ott, 3rd year student in Prof. Joseph Topczewski's group, has received the Wayland Noland Fellowship award. For more information about these awards, please refer to the department's website.  




Funding for WISE events has been provided by grants received from the Women's Center and the Department of Chemistry.