CWC Lunch: Dr. Laura Babcock

Thursday, January 10, 2019 - 2:30pm

Our first CWC Lunch event for the year will feature Dr. Laura Babcock, Director of the Minnesota Technical Assistance Programme (MnTAP), a programme that provides engineering assistance to facilities across the state. Food will be provided by Kowloon Restaurant.  Please RSVP here by Jan 15th, 10 am.


Dr. Babcock's academic training is in inorganic chemistry and she worked in the chemical industry for many years  developing catalysts, new materials and biobased plastics. All these experiences have culminated in her role now in MnTAP working on striking the right balance of technology and operations to deliver the target outcome. 

Title: On Becoming a Catalyst
Abstract: Throughout my career I have come back to the concept of catalysis as a description of the work I do. The substrates and scale change, but the work - making things happen - stays the same. 

Date: January 16th (Wednesday)
Time: 1200-1300
Location: Kolthoff 193