Cool Chemistry

Bubbles and Glow!

Have you ever wondered what makes a glow stick glow? Or why bath bubblers fizz? Learn about these reactions and how temperature and pH can make these reactions go. We'll make bath bubblers and play with glow sticks while learning about organic chemistry. 


What is energy? How do we use energy? Where does it come from? Energy is all around us! Join us for Cool Chemistry and we’ll learn how to convert chemicals into energy. Experiments will include making and breaking apart water, seeing how well your sunscreen works and using your own solar cell to convert light into energy

Fantastic Plastics!

What is a polymer? A polymer is simply a bunch of molecules that are chemically attached to each other, like a chain of beads on a string that repeats over and over. Just like there are different sizes/colors/types of beads, there are different kinds of molecules that can be attached to each other to give different properties. Learn how nylon is made, how to make a hard polymer foam, how much water a diaper can hold, and how to change the properties of glue!